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Ford Genuine Parts

Ford manufacture replacement parts to the same high standards as our cars. Because, with more than 100 years' experience in vehicle manufacture, we know how important it is to keep your Ford 100% Ford, to ensure the safety of your passengers.



We’re determined to ensure your Ford protects you, your passengers and pedestrians. So Ford original parts are designed, manufactured and tested to meet and, in many instances, exceed statutory safety standards and homologation requirements. For example, independent comparative tests by the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) in 2006, on behalf of Ford of Europe, showed that the injury risks in a pedestrian collision were up to 17% greater with an imitation Ford bonnet than with a genuine one. 


All parts of your Ford are designed to work together for optimum performance, complete comfort and maximum fuel efficiency. The same goes for Ford original parts, which are manufactured to the same strict specifications as our factory-fitted parts.


Ford original parts’ high standards of design and manufacture ensure the very best fit and finish, reliability and performance. They’re designed to fit perfectly without forcing, gaps or distortion, providing the same finish as production parts. 


Keep your Ford 100% Ford, and you may be glad you did so, when you come to sell it. Insisting on Ford original parts could help maintain its resale value. 


Whether for servicing, repairs or bodywork, or choosing Ford Accessories, your Ford Warranty gives you complete peace of mind. All repairs are carried out in line with the highest quality standards. And if you decide to sell your Ford, the transferable warranty is an added benefit for the new owner.The Ford perforation warranty for the whole vehicle only remains valid if Ford original parts are used for repairs.


You can spot an authentic Ford original part by its branding. Our easily recognisable trademark is often displayed in a prominent position.

Ford Parts Vs Counterfeit

Ford Genuine Parts VS Counterfit Parts
Genuine Part Counterfeit Parts
  • Filter paper restrict the entry of dust and contaminants thereby renders better fuel efficiency.
  • Prevents clogging within its recommended life and aviods any leakage of fluids
  • Allows dust and contaminants to pass through,reducing fuel efficiency and also causing premature failure of engine.
  • Sub-Standard sealing material lead to fuel leakage.
  • Ford engineered filter prefects against fine dust and foreign particle this prolongs life of the engine.
  • Resistance to moisture ensures extended life of the filler element.
  • low quality Air filters has limitations in preventing fine dust and foreign practicals thereby reducing the life of engine.
  • Non resistance to moisture result in frequent replacement of the filter element.
  • Prevents entry of foreign practicals and clogging resulting in optimum engine performance.
  • Specially designed sealing gasket ensure no leakage of engine oil.
  • Allows foreign practicals and causes clogging, thereby effects engine performance.
  • Poor quality sealing gasket leads to leakage of engine oil
  • Thermal stability durability and optimum performance of breaks.
  • Absence of asbestos or lead make them nor eco-friendly.
  • Poor thermal stability results in unreliable braking and threat to you life.
  • Use of asbestos and lead are harmful to the enviromen

Ford Bodyshop Vs Independent After-Market

Video shows parts comparison performance of genuine Ford parts vs. aftermaket collision parts using, computer aided simulation tests, crash sled tests, and actual vehicle crash tests data. In all cases, genuine Ford parts perform as designed. After market parts performance leads to questions of doubt concerning proper air bag deployment.

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